How Do Narcissists Spy On You? Why They Do It?


Have you ever had the unsettling feeling that someone is constantly watching your every move? If you’re in a relationship with a narcissistic partner, this paranoia may not be unfounded. Narcissists possess a unique set of skills when it comes to spying and invading your privacy. With the advancement of technology, they now have more tools at their disposal to monitor and control your life. In this article, we will explore eight ways narcissists spy on you through technology and discuss strategies to safeguard yourself.

9 Cameras and Home Surveillance

Narcissists often install cameras under the guise of home security but with the true intention of spying on you. These cameras allow them to monitor your activities, even when they are not present. It’s crucial to recognize this invasion of privacy and take appropriate action to protect yourself.

Countermeasure: If you suspect you’re being monitored, conduct a thorough sweep of your home for hidden cameras. Seek assistance from professionals if needed. Additionally, consider establishing boundaries and asserting your right to privacy within your own living space.

8 Technology and Phone Monitoring

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