5 Ways To Torture a Narcissist (WARNING: REALLY SADISTIC)


A narcissist wants you to think and believe that they are all-powerful, and that nothing can ever impact them. However, that is not the reality. The truth is that they do have vulnerabilities. If these are pushed, it can elicit reactions and make them extremely upset.

5 Don’t Take the Bait:

When they are acting out, understand that a narcissist is a developmentally arrested child stuck in an adult’s body. Therefore, they have all the capabilities of an adult, but the maturity of a child. This means they will be aggressive, irrational, and project things that are far from reality. You cannot take them or what they say seriously because whatever comes from their mouth has no true foundation or basis. When they start throwing a tantrum or acting out, you have to ignore them. Leave the room, take a shower, go for a walk, or just focus on your project. Ignoring them kills a narcissist’s ego. If you successfully do this when they are acting out and seeking your reaction, you can inflict maximum injury by leaving the room and clearly telling them that their behavior and words are completely unacceptable, and you will play no part in it. This creates a perceptual distance and sends a clear message that you will not tolerate their nonsense.

4 Deflect Attempts at Manipulation and Gaslighting:

5 Clues to Spot a Narcissist in conversation

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