How To Defeat a Narcissist in Any Argument


Most people suggest that you should not engage in conversation with a narcissist because there’s no winning. However, that’s not always practical advice. Sometimes, you’re caught in a situation where you have to face them and respond. For example, if you’re co-parenting or dealing with narcissistic family members with whom you cannot go no contact. So, what do you do in such a setting? How do you win? Let’s find out in today’s article.

Step 1: Predicting Their Move Before You Make Any Move!

Step number one to win in any conversation against a narcissist is to see it as a chess game. They will make moves, and so will you. What sets you apart as a winner is your understanding of their intentions and what they’re trying to do. A narcissist operates through their masks, which means you will never interact with their true self. There won’t be any integrity, amiability, cooperation, or similar things. They will try to manipulate you, twist things, and change your perspective to gain maximum control over you and your emotions.

You need to understand and accept that a narcissist is not interested in knowing what is right; they’re only interested in being right. This means they can stoop to any level to prove to you that they are right. You can’t fight them with just facts because they don’t care. They are liars and are totally delusional. They will deny hardcore evidence that shows them they’re wrong or that they have committed a crime.

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