6 Facial Expressions of a Narcissist and What They Mean


One of the many reasons why narcissistic abuse is so pervasive is that a narcissist not only abuses you verbally but also nonverbally, through their condescending, belittling, humiliating, and dehumanizing body language.

1 The Side Eye Demeaning Look:

Within the subtle shift of an eye, a narcissist can convey volumes of disdain and contempt, puncturing the victim’s sense of self-worth with surgical precision. The side-eye glance, often accompanied by a subtle upturn of the lip or a disdainful curl of the brow, serves as a potent weapon of emotional manipulation. Whether directed at a subordinate in the workplace or a child within the confines of familial dynamics, this silent reproach leaves the victim reeling with a profound sense of inadequacy and shame.

2 Clenching Their Jaw, Furrowing Eyebrows, and Bulging Their Eyes Out:

In moments of perceived threat or provocation, narcissists may unleash a torrent of nonverbal aggression, manifesting in clenched jaws, furrowed brows, and bulging eyes. This menacing display of dominance serves to intimidate and subjugate the victim, instilling a deep-seated fear of retribution and reprisal. Victims are left feeling vulnerable and defenseless in the face of such primal displays of aggression, their sense of agency and autonomy eroded by the narcissist’s overpowering presence.

3 The Shape Shifter’s Look:

5 Clues to Spot a Narcissist in conversation

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