5 Signs to Spot a Narcissist in Conversation


Narcissists behave strangely in conversations, giving us a chance to spot them quite early on. They treat you in ways that make you feel insignificant, like you don’t know anything, or like a fool. In this article, we will explore and learn about five signs to spot a narcissist in a conversation.

They Keep Interrupting You

One of the first signs is that they keep interrupting you during a conversation. Here’s a small disclaimer before I explain this point further: people with ADHD and dyslexia may also display this kind of behavior, which does not make them narcissists. They do it because they’re hyperactive; it’s like having multiple tabs open at once, running in a hundred different directions simultaneously. Their intention is not to abuse or humiliate you. When assessing a person, I would like you to look at the bigger picture. A narcissist will keep interrupting you during a conversation because they like to talk at you, not to you. They cannot let you have control; they have to be the one talking all the time, especially when the topic isn’t about them. If it’s a covert narcissist, they will interrupt disrespectfully, start talking, and go on and on without giving you a chance to form a coherent speech. They mess up your thoughts, leave you confused, and make you feel like you don’t know much about the topic.

They React Badly to Praise

What to Say to a Narcissist to Shut Them Down Permanently

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