What happens when you stop paying attention to a narcissist


Dealing with a narcissist can be an emotionally draining and challenging experience. These individuals thrive on attention and validation from others, and when you stop giving them that attention, it can have a profound impact on their behavior and your relationship with them. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of narcissism and explore what happens when you withhold attention from these individuals, as well as the potential consequences that may arise.

1. The Power of Attention:

Attention is like fuel to narcissistic individuals. It feeds their ego, nourishes their sense of self-importance, and gives them a sense of validation and power. Narcissists rely heavily on external validation and struggle to self-soothe or self-validate. They crave the attention and admiration of others to maintain their inflated sense of self-worth. Attention becomes their lifeblood, and they become dependent on it to sustain their grandiose image.

2. The Shock of Withholding Attention:

When you suddenly stop giving a narcissist the attention they crave, it can be a seismic shock to their system. It’s as if you’ve pulled the plug on their main power source. They may experience a range of intense emotions such as anger, frustration, and desperation. Their carefully constructed facade of superiority and control starts to crumble, revealing a vulnerable and insecure individual beneath the surface.

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