5 Weird Texting Habits Of Narcissists


A narcissist has to stay in control of the situation and keep getting supplies from you at all times, especially when you are not in their physical presence. They have to influence you to keep you under their thumb. One of the easiest and best ways to do so is via text. When they can’t control you directly, they control you through their weird texting habits.

5: texting non-stop and demanding constant attention.

Narcissists disregard your boundaries, including your time and activities, prioritizing their need for constant attention. They believe they own you and demand your attention at all times, viewing any diversion as disloyalty. This leads to constant texting and intense interactions, making you feel anxious and dependent on their validation. They manipulate you into a cycle of addiction to their attention, and when they lose interest, they abruptly withdraw, leaving you in emotional chaos and exacerbating feelings of anxiety and stress. Their texting habits manipulate your biochemistry, leaving you feeling ignored and craving their validation.

4: Making You Feel Ignored by Not Responding

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