7 Things Narcissists Do When They’re Alone


What do narcissists do when they’re alone? Emotionally, narcissists are constantly walking a tightrope, trying to balance their shaky self-esteem. What makes them feel more stable is getting a lot of external validation, and what makes them lose their sense of stability is any perceived criticism. For this reason, narcissists have a very hard time being alone, and if they are alone, they are constantly hunting for new sources of supply.


Narcissists spend a significant amount of time thinking about themselves, their accomplishments, and their perceived superiority. When they are alone, they may engage in activities that feed their ego, such as fantasizing about success or replaying past achievements. They indulge in grandiose fantasies about having something or someone that will make them happy and feel worthy of everyone’s admiration and adoration. While engaged in their self-admiration, they will often reach out to others by text or by phone to brag and to get that external validation.

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