What Narcissists Do When They Think You’re Too Tough to Control, Manipulate and Dominate


What narcissists do when they think you’re too tough to control, manipulate, and dominate can be shocking and hurtful, but also very predictable.

Knowing what narcissists do in response to your strength, courage, and personal power can give you an unfair advantage when dealing with someone who lands on the spectrum of destructive narcissism.

With this article, I’m giving you that unfair advantage so you know what to expect in advance and therefore, are better able to take good care of yourself when dealing with narcissistic people.

Whether you’re contending with your narcissistic mother, your narcissistic father, both of your narcissistic parents, your narcissistic sibling, your narcissistic boss, or anyone else you may encounter with high narcissistic traits.

It’s time to take your power back and thrive… without all the extra bs the narcissist brings to the table!

So, what can you expect when the narcissist realizes that you’re too tough to control, manipulate, or dominate? When it becomes clear that you actually have a backbone, some dignity, integrity, and self-respect? You have standards. What happens when it’s clear that you have the ability to discern that a thing is a thing, and therefore you’re not buying what the narcissist is trying so hard to sell? In other words, you’re your own person. You know your mind, and you aren’t open to, nor are you available for manipulative control and power dynamics in any relationship. What happens when it becomes clear that their tactics have zero sway over you? You are immovable. What will the narcissist do? How do they handle that? Well, not very well.

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