Narcissistic Abuse Destroys your Vocabulary and Linguistic skills


As a direct impact of surviving extreme levels of stress in a narcissistic relationship, you may experience functional brain damage, and that may lead to the loss of your once-perfect linguistic skills. Reading, writing, speaking, and language comprehension can become really difficult tasks to perform. Your vocabulary may also shrink, and you may not have the number of words at your disposal that you had in the past. You know you had a dense vocabulary, but now you fail to express small processes, small things because you are always looking for the perfect word. You know it is in there, but you can’t seem to access it. Why is that? Well, there is brain trauma responsible for all of this, and that is what we are going to understand and learn how to reverse in today’s episode.

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about how narcissistic abuse causes linguistic trauma. Narcissistic abuse gives you linguistic trauma, how it destroys your vocabulary, your reading, writing, and comprehension skills. If that sounds interesting, please make sure to subscribe before we begin because, as I always say, your subscription to the channel helps spread awareness about narcissistic abuse.

Before we get started with the topic at hand, I have a very important question for you. Did you find difficulty in reading, writing, and language comprehension after leaving the narcissist? Did you notice your vocabulary was not as dense as it used to be before? If yes, drop all the answers in the comments below and help other survivors feel validated. Your experiences also add more insight to my knowledge, so thank you so much in advance.

Cognitive functional difficulties, such as not being able to live in the present moment, not being able to focus on a given task, having difficulty remembering and recalling things, experiencing brain fog and memory gaps, having difficulty comprehending things, and remembering words, are a collective lived experience of all survivors of narcissistic abuse. But these are just the symptoms of a bigger problem, the bigger problem called functional brain damage, which every survivor of chronic abuse and chronic stress faces and experiences.

Things NEVER To Do With Narcissists

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