Why do Narcissists stay loyal to these people


If there is anyone a narcissist is loyal to, it is their own family—the family of their origin, the family they come from. They choose that family over their spouses, their children, basically anybody. Their compliance is cult-like; it seems like they’re part of this group, like they have signed a pact. No matter what happens, no matter what that family does, no matter how bad the members of that family are, they are going to blindly enable and support them. Let’s talk about this further in today’s episode.

A narcissist, in the capacity of your spouse or partner, will always choose their family over you, period. Their unconditional loyalty makes them a completely blind follower. The abuse may be evident; they may be destroying your family, they may be destroying the narcissist as well, but what will the narcissist do? They will choose them, they will enable them, they will support them, they will justify their behavior in one way or the other, or they may fool you into thinking that they are on your side, that they understand you, that they will be there for you. But it’s nothing but a big sign of their hypocrisy.

Secretly, they go back to that cult, to that group, telling them all sorts of bad things about you, isolating you further, and making a fool out of you. It will baffle you as their partner to see how this narcissist never fails the family members, especially the main narcissist or a narcissist matriarch or patriarch. How this narcissist is always there for his or her siblings, does things for them even though they hate each other, even though the same narcissist talks BS about their family members to you. But somehow, they forget all of that when it comes to becoming that savior, when it comes to getting that collective fuel validation from the entire family, when it comes to establishing power, they’re all about this group, and they will never fail to make you feel like an outsider.

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