5 Signs God is Showing You The Narcissist


Survivors of narcissistic abuse often find themselves questioning the universe, God, or the Divine, wondering why they had to endure such suffering. They ask, “How could the universe let this happen? Why didn’t I receive help? Why didn’t God intervene?” In truth, God is not responsible for the abuse inflicted by narcissists. God is love, and it is the narcissist who perpetuates evil and manipulates others for their gain. However, it is important to recognize that divine intervention does occur in these situations. This article will explore the signs of divine intervention and how survivors can seek spiritual guidance to escape the clutches of narcissistic abuse.

Signs of Divine Intervention:

Unexplained events reveal the true nature of the narcissist:

During the love-bombing stage of a relationship with a narcissist, they often present a charming and kind facade. However, divine intervention may manifest in the form of unexplained events that expose the narcissist’s true colors. These events may involve hardships or adversities where the survivor requires the narcissist’s support, only to have the narcissist abandon them in their time of need. This revelation highlights the narcissist’s selfishness and exposes their fake promises. It is a crucial moment for the survivor to see through the narcissist’s facade and make a choice. Unfortunately, the manipulative nature of narcissists often leads survivors to fall for their deceptive tactics.

Dreams of harm perpetrated by the narcissist:

Does God ever punish a narcissist?

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