How To Tell If The Narcissist Really Loves You


“This is the question on everyone’s lips: when you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, or anybody, even not just enough, you want to know if that person truly loves you. But there are a few signs that can tell if the narcissist really loves you. Okay, read this article because I’m going to reveal it all.”

The narcissist does love you. They do love you, but not in the same way that you love them, and not in the way that you think they love you. What they love about people, about supply, about you, is if you conform, if you stay compliant, if you do what the narcissist wants you to do. That is what a narcissist loves the most. If you are giving them what they want, ultimately, that’s what makes that relationship ‘successful,’ I guess.”

But in doing so, if you conform and give the narcissist everything they want, be prepared to give them your life. No, seriously, be prepared to give them your life because that’s what it costs, alright? It costs you your life, your time, your energy, and your emotion. This is what I mean; they suck you dry. They will take everything from you because they’re going to want their needs to be met over and over and over again. And ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much you give; it’s never enough. There’s a sensational need to want more and more, and this, my friends, this is part of the disorder.

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