8 Ways Narcissists Spy On You


Have you ever felt like someone is always following you or thinking someone is behind you, ready to pounce on you? Well, if you have a narcissistic partner, that’s the only explanation you need. Narcissists are experts at spying or trying to steal your life and make it their own. They can do this in several ways, from using technology to hacking into your social media accounts and stealing passwords. Read this article, “Until the End,” as I share with you eight ways narcissists spy on you through technology.

Number one, through technology:

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you must remember that they always have their eyes on you. Do you want to know what they use and install around to spy on you? Narcissists want to see your every move, to the point that they install devices in your home to monitor you, even when they are not at home. The first technology they use is cameras all around your home. Narcissists may tell you this is for security purposes, but they install it to spy on you. The second technology narcissists use to spy on you requires a lot of skill from them. This involves apps that monitor your phone activities and check if you’ve been using dating sites or flirting with other people. They may also hack into your social media accounts and change passwords without telling you, which allows them to see everything you post or send on these platforms. If you are smart enough to notice that you’ve been hacked, counter their spyware and outsmart them.

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Number two, friends and family:

Are you aware of narcissists’ flying monkeys? If not, let me tell you about them. They are the people that narcissists use to spy, bully, or even intimidate you so that you will follow what they say. Narcissists will often use your friends or family members as their flying monkeys—those who are willing to pass on information about your life or someone you’re romantically involved with. They may also use these individuals to gain more information about what you’re doing and saying. Through this, narcissists always have inside information about your every move. Unfortunately, your friends or family might not be aware that narcissists are using them as their flying monkeys. Hence, if you know that you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you also have to educate those around you to prevent the narcissist from controlling your whole family and loved ones. It’s better to be cautious early in the relationship rather than regret everything when it’s too late.

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