Reasons why you should never go back to your narcissist ex


I thought I would share with you why you should not go back with a narcissist,”  the person we described in our previous article. As some of you may or may not know, I have demonstrated some (if not all) of the symptoms of a narcissist in my earlier life, so I know exactly why you should not go back to one. At times now, I question myself if I have let go of all these traits; in fact, many of us demonstrate narcissistic traits at some level.

It is important to note that narcissists can be male or female, and in our society, there is growing evidence of both genders displaying increasing traits of narcissism. It is a poor reflection of our society, as narcissists are self-consuming people who do not care for others unless they are fulfilling a need for the narc (shortened version of “narcissist”). Nevertheless, here is why you wouldn’t go back to the man or woman in your life who is a narcissist:

While this is written in a manner that applies to men, if you are a woman with a narc in your life, then this also applies to you:

You want to keep your standards

Basically, whenever you go back to a narc woman, you are telling her she is worth it and you are worth nothing. In the first place, you were attracted to her, so it is a reflection of yourself that your standards are low and you are willing to tolerate and accept a person with low moral values who does not respect you.

We never attract what we aren’t within ourselves, so the responsibility comes back to us; this is our power and lets us know that we are in charge of the whole process.

So it is important to get clear on the standard of relationship and woman you want as a partner in your life, or you will not be able to move past her issues. When you are clear that this person is not somebody you really want in your life, you will not tolerate her projection, and you will understand that she is only projecting to make you feel devalued and that she is actually preying on your vulnerabilities. Unless you make it true, it has nothing to do with you.

You are at your disposal at all times, so raise your standards today. In fact, create your standards in the first place, as it is unlikely you will have standards in the first place. When you raise your standards, you will experience better results, so long as you ensure that your rituals complement the standards you have set.

What Narcissists Do When A Relationship Ends

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