Why Those People Abused By Narcissists Like to be at home


Living through narcissistic abuse leaves profound emotional scars, and it’s not uncommon for survivors to find solace within the walls of their homes. Here are ten reasons why individuals who have experienced narcissistic abuse often prefer the comfort and safety of their homes.

1. Safety Sanctuary

Home as a sanctuary not only shields survivors from external turmoil but becomes a canvas for rebuilding a shattered sense of security. The lesson ingrained here is that safety isn’t merely physical; it’s a multi-dimensional concept encompassing emotional and psychological well-being. Survivors discover that safety can be consciously curated, fostering an environment where trust in oneself and others can be gradually rebuilt. The sanctuary of home teaches the invaluable lesson that creating a safe space is an active and ongoing process, emphasizing the importance of intentionally designing environments that nurture one’s overall security.

Imagine arriving home after a day of navigating the external chaos inflicted by a narcissist. As you step through your front door, a profound sense of relief envelops you. The comforting embrace of your home becomes a sanctuary, a space where you can release the tension that the outside world has imposed. This emotional example underscores the importance of home as a refuge, teaching you that safety is not just a physical concept but a crucial emotional anchor.

2. Reclaiming Control

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