Why The Narcissist Can’t Sit Still?


If you’ve experienced being with a narcissist, you’re familiar with their inability to sit still or fully relax. But why is this? Does it relate to their nervous system, their need for instant gratification, or perhaps their dopamine-seeking behavior? In today’s episode, we’ll delve into why narcissists struggle to stay still and why they easily get bored.

Narcissists are constantly on the move, appearing busy or engaged at all times. This behavior stems from deep-seated trauma, shame, and insecurities that they’ve suppressed in their psyche. Facing this suppressed trauma terrifies them, as it threatens their carefully constructed facade. They’ve buried their true selves to avoid confronting their vulnerabilities, leading to a perpetual need for distraction.

When narcissists attempt to relax, their suppressed trauma resurfaces, causing discomfort and fear. This discomfort, if acknowledged, could lead to self-awareness and growth. However, narcissists avoid this at all costs, preferring the safety of distraction and busyness. They become addicted to this cycle of constant stimulation, seeking new experiences to escape their inner turmoil.

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