10 Tactics to Put a Narcissist in Their Place


Before you embark on the journey of putting a narcissist in their place, there is one thing you should keep in mind: it will be the fight of your life. If you have been allowing a narcissist to manipulate you and dominate you for a long time, it will be a fight to change things. But you will be so glad you did. Narcissists are wired to be abusive because they lack empathy. They naturally take offense and misunderstand the needs and perspectives of others. They can be rattled by the tiniest thing. When they get angry, they may call the other person names, confront them, use slurs against them, use closed-off behavior, or the silent treatment. They can do it in a very calm and cold way, which is even more disturbing than if they had rejected you openly.

It’s good for you to realize that the narcissist is not going to change, and you’ll be relieved when you realize you can spend your energy somewhere else. It will be the fight of your life, but it will be worth it. Here are ten tactics to put a narcissist in their place. We recommend you stick around with us until sign number ten. When you hear number ten, you’ll be surprised you never thought of it.

Call them by their name

There is something very personal about calling someone by their name. For a narcissist, it can be chilling. It’s an indication to them that you are not afraid of them. You can look them in the eye and call them by their name when you speak to them. Narcissists tend to see people as things rather than individuals. So when you call them by their names, you are showing them that you are different from that, that you have more emotional intelligence than they do. Repeat their name often throughout a conversation. It will throw them off.

Top 10 Things Narcissists Hate

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