Top 10 Things Narcissists Hate


Today, we are talking about the top 10 things that narcissists hate with a passion.

1.They absolutely hate being told “no” under any circumstances :

Narcissists despise being told no or coming into contact with someone’s boundaries when they want something from that person, which is why they will usually pester and harass someone if and when they are told no, in the hopes of changing their mind. They know that if they wear a person down and just don’t take no for an answer, they will eventually give up and give in to the narcissist. They hate the word “no.” It’s almost as if when they are told “no,” they look at it as a challenge, and they become more and more determined than ever to get you to change your mind.

This is one of the main reasons why boundaries are so important in protecting yourself from falling victim to another one of these people, because narcissists despise boundaries, and if they can’t get you to disregard your boundaries quickly, they’ll realize you’re not a good target and will move on to someone else. So I cannot stress enough how important boundaries are to keeping yourself safe from one of these people.

2.They hate being ignored :

This is a big one. Being ignored by someone hits the narcissist down deep under the Fall Symphony facade they have developed, and this triggers the true self that feels deeply inferior and inadequate. If you ignore a narcissist who desires your attention, this is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to hurt them. To them, being ignored is proof that they aren’t as special, perfect, and desirable as they want to believe that they are. That feeling causes them to feel absolutely horrible about themselves. That’s why, when people ask how you get even with a narcissist, people like me always say to ignore them, move on with your life, and be happy. That is the best and only revenge that works.

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