The Eight Common Lies Told by Narcissists


Narcissists are known for their manipulative behavior and a tendency to deceive others to serve their own needs. Recognizing the lies they tell is crucial in protecting ourselves from their harmful influence. In this article, we will explore eight common lies told by narcissists, shedding light on their manipulative tactics and the effects they have on their victims.

8 “You can be vulnerable with me.”

Narcissists often claim to create a safe space for vulnerability, encouraging others to open up and share their feelings. However, this statement is a deceptive tactic used to gain trust and control over their victims. In reality, narcissists exploit vulnerabilities and use them against their targets, causing further emotional harm.

7 “You can rely on me” and/or “I’ve got your back.”

Narcissists may initially present themselves as reliable and supportive individuals, making promises of unwavering support. However, their loyalty is conditional and self-serving. When the narcissist’s own interests are threatened or they no longer find benefit in the relationship, they quickly withdraw their support and may even turn against their victims.

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6 “It’s not my fault.”

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