7 Ways You Hand Over Your Power To A Narcissist


Let’s begin today with a realization of what narcissists desire most in their relationship with you. We can pretty safely say that virtually all narcissists, in some form or another, want to establish their power over you. These are power-broker kind of people. They want to convince themselves, anyway, that they have a lot of strength on the inside, and they’re going to superimpose their strength onto you. Somehow, that validates them and makes them feel good about who they are. They need you to be beneath them, so they continually engage in a power, control, and dominance game over you, as evidenced in so many different ways.

Now, that’s not a shock. But basically, we can see that they’re going to continue to do this no matter what. The unfortunate thing is, there are actually times when you can play along with them in their craving for power in such a way that you actually give up your own power in service to them. I know you don’t really mean for it to play out this way, but that’s the net result. In today’s lesson, I want to see if I can walk you through seven of the most common ways that you play along with their craving for power by giving up your own sense of power to them. And there are strange ways that this can work. Let’s see if we can identify them. Obviously, you can go in a different direction.

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