7 Reasons Why SILENCE is the Best Revenge for Narcissists


 Have you ever been subjected to silent treatment? A narcissist enjoys this passive-aggressive type of abuse, in which they ignore you and pretend they don’t care. While there are various ways to take revenge on narcissists, the silent treatment is the most effective. The best kind of revenge is always silence. Read this article as I reveal to you 7 reasons why silence is the best revenge for narcissists. 

The silent treatment will make them feel like they have been abandoned 

Narcissists are often very manipulative, but they’re not great at taking responsive beliefs or actions and emotions. Narcissists can’t stand to be alone, and they thrive on attention and praise. Ignoring them completely, they’ll feel like you’ve abandoned them, and we know that’s what they deserve. 

The silent treatment is a way to get back at narcissists because it forces them to deal with their feelings of guilt and shame. The thing that drives a narcissist mad is the lack of control and the lack of power. The less you fight back, the less power you give them over you. 

Narcissists would expect a vend or rant from you, but don’t give in. Nothing or anyone creates more curiosity than you will let them experience the silence. They got the best revenge for how they treated others. 

The silent treatment will make them feel unwanted. 

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