5 Weird Things a Narcissist Does when they hit Collapse


You have heard about narcissistic collapse, haven’t you? A phase that a narcissistic individual goes through when they run out of supply. But I’m sure you haven’t heard about some weird things they do during this phase, during the process of collapsing, how they cope, and what they do to run away from it. We are going to find out in today’s episode. Let’s start with number one.

They run with their old sources of supply in search of comfort.

Episode number one: they run to their old sources of supply in search of comfort because they’re struggling during this phase. A narcissist will do anything except face their truth, their reality, which is that they are an insecure person, they are rotten deep within. They’re not as grandiose or bigger than life as they perceive themselves. They reach out to all those they have ghosted years before, hurt years before, quite selfishly. They expect them to give them some kind of solace, and offer them a haven so that the narcissist can take a break from the phase of deep breakdown they’re experiencing. But that occasionally happens. All of those people have already moved on and at this point have recognized the narcissist as a parasite. When reaching out to all these sources of supply, a narcissist intends to retain and maintain their false self, which is shattering, and falling apart. They do not want to let go of that, and for them to keep it alive, they need attention, they need validation, they need somebody’s emotions. It’s truly like a vampire who is low on blood, and they are going anywhere and everywhere they possibly can go to quench their thirst, to satisfy their unsatisfied need for supply.

They gaslight themselves.

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