Narcissists’ 8 Favorite Catchphrases (Spot Them From a Mile Away)


Did you know that one of the ways you can spot a narcissist is through the things that they say? Narcissists all follow the same patterns and act in similar ways. If you want to know if that toxic or difficult person in your life is indeed a narcissist, read this article to find out what their favorite sayings are so that you will be able to identify right away if they are a narcissist.


Again, they normally say this in response to you trying to make a point or get them to take responsibility for something. Maybe it’s something that you want for yourself from them. So, they project and deflect by saying that you’re attacking them or that you’re interrupting them. Maybe you’re catching them in some sort of lie. So, projecting and deflecting are two of the ways that they handle that.

It’s a way of projecting and deflecting. It’s attacking what you said, how you said it, and when you said it, because then it’s about that. They want the conversation to not be about whatever it is that you wanted it to be about. They want to push it off into something else. That way, they’re not having to take responsibility; they’ve slithered out. It’s sort of like trying to hold a fish or something. They slide out.

I never said that.

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