6 Reason Why Narcissists Choose their Family Over You


Who says narcissists are disloyal? They are loyal, but not to you. They’re loyal to their family of origin, to the cult they came from. It’s not applicable to every narcissist because there are narcissists who hate their family, which is a different category. Today, we are going to talk about those who always choose their family over you, over their kids, and we are going to understand why. Why do they stay so unshaken if on the surface they make it seem like they don’t want anything to do with their family of origin? Let’s find out in today’s article.

1.Members of the Narcissist’s family blindly enable their ego

The members of a narcissist’s family blindly enable their ego, feed their delusions, and never question them. Not out of love, but out of enmeshment. They’re deeply entangled, and that’s why whenever there is a problem in the narcissist’s life, whenever there is a conflict that needs a different form of resolution, they run towards their family. They seek support, and guess what happens? They blindly enable the narcissist’s victim state. They never question them; they never ask the narcissist to reflect, they never ask the narcissist to consider changing themselves. They cry with them, they make it seem like the narcissist is the big victim in this entire world, and their partner is a monster.

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