5 Evil Psychological Tactics a Narcissist Uses to Break You


In my opinion, narcissists are evil hypnotists who use dark psychological tactics to change your self-perception, your perception of others, and the world at large. Their primary goal is to establish maximum control over you. They achieve this by putting you in a deep psychological trance and continuously saying or doing things to brainwash you into believing that you are the problem. When a narcissist convinces you that you are overly sensitive, it doesn’t just feel like a thought; it becomes your reality. This manipulation keeps you trapped and allows them to abuse you for an extended period. In today’s article, we will discuss seven ways you hand over your power to a narcissist.

They give you a lot of silence:

In the world of narcissistic abuse, we call this the silent treatment. I personally call it psychological triangulation because they truly choke you through their absence. When you don’t do things the way they want, when you take a stand against them, or try to establish a boundary, they will give you the silent treatment. They know that by withdrawing, they can break your will and cause massive psychological injury, triggering the worst coping mechanisms or trauma responses, one of which is fawning.

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