10 Reasons Narcissists Hate You


Approximately 5% of people around the world are narcissists, and shockingly, men tend to be more narcissistic than women. Narcissists are individuals who are self-centered and have an inflated sense of their importance. They need excessive attention and tend to notice small things that a normal person doesn’t. Their attitudes are one of the major reasons why the ratio of toxic relationships is increasing every day. So, if you feel that your narcissist acquaintance hates you, there are reasons behind why they do. In this article, we’ll look into the 10 reasons why narcissists hate you. Make sure to read until number 1, because it’s one of the most common reasons you’ll witness.

Number 10: You are more successful.

If you’ve just received a big promotion or your company is doing well and you realize that your narcissist partner didn’t congratulate you, it’s a sign that they didn’t like your success. Narcissists are individuals who notice every small change around them, so if they notice that you are becoming more successful, they will feel threatened by this success. For example, if your partner is a narcissist, there are more chances of your relationship being affected because they will assume that you are making more money and getting more attention. They will always try to make you feel inferior to them because of insecurities regarding your success. Your partner will start making pointless arguments, and you may feel that they don’t like you anymore. Well, it’s not because of you, but your success that is making your partner anxious. They will never congratulate or support you. In fact, your partner will always try to criticize you for being in a higher position.

Number 9: You ignore them.

Disarm The Narcissist Using Stare and Blink Tactic

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