Disarm The Narcissist Using Stare and Blink Tactic


When dealing with a narcissist, what you say to them does not matter as much as what you do and how you act. In other words, your actions give you more power than your words. Why? Because your words can be used against you—they can weaponize the things you say. But when it comes to your behavior, it becomes totally unpredictable for them. They can’t control the situation. You can behave in any way, and they can’t decide which way it will go. Narcissists hate unpredictability.

Mainstream Advice Is Not Useful in Every Situation

Commonly given advice is you should leave the narcissist as soon as possible and go no contact. Agreed, but unfortunately, that’s not possible in all situations. So, what do you do in such a situation? People will say, “Oh, you have to shut down emotionally; you have to gray rock; you have to yellow rock.” Fine, but we have to understand that narcissists are extremely toxic. They have strategies and techniques to garner supply. They know how to push buttons to get you to yell and scream. So, in such a case, what can you do? How can you corner them or give them a strong pushback so that they leave you alone in most cases and think twice before messing with you? How can you have the upper hand? How can you win without making it seem like you have won?

The Technique to Win

5 Psychological Techniques a Narcissist Uses To Destroy You

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