5 Psychological Techniques a Narcissist Uses To Destroy You


You know narcissists heavily manipulate their victims, but do you know how they bend your reality? What specific techniques do they use to break you and turn your brain into your biggest enemy? It is a mystery, but not anymore. In today’s article, we will discuss five ways a narcissist bends your mind and manipulates you thoroughly.

1. Mind Reading

One of the most dangerous techniques is mind reading. A narcissist tends to read your emotions and thoughts, assuming your beliefs without ever asking you open-ended questions. Their assumptions are not wild guesses; to a narcissist, their feelings are facts. If they feel you said something with a specific intention, they believe that is the truth, no matter what you do to show them otherwise. They will still choose their own version of the narrative because it enables their victimhood.

They want to be seen as a hero, a victim, or a savior—nothing beyond that. They read situations and jump to conclusions quickly, and you can’t change their mind, which shows how rigid their thought process is. They dictate how you should behave according to their reading, thinking they have a magical power of knowing what people are going through. In truth, it is their own shadow they are projecting onto others.

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