Why Narcissists DON’T like being at Home?


Needless to say, narcissists are purely driven by sensations; how they feel decides what they do next. For example, if something makes them feel powerful, in control, and gives them a deep sense of high they don’t normally feel, they’ll be attracted to it. They’ll be inclined to do it more or have more of it. One such thing is being out there in the world. Many do not want to be at home; they are in a state of ‘go, go, go’ all the time. They just want to go out because one, it distracts them from themselves; they can’t be with themselves. Two, out there, life offers a massive source of supply, embracing them and giving them the fuel they need to survive and live.

Ever seen a child? Narcissists are childlike, jumping in joy because someone promised them their parent promised them that they’ll be going to Disneyland on a certain day, and they feel so excited about it, so joyful. Why? Because children are driven by sensations; how they feel decides what the world looks like for them, what the color of the world is. There is no logic to these sensations; they are just driven by innocence. You can give them a piece of chocolate, maybe some candy, and there you go, you have a happy, totally satisfied kid. A narcissist is quite similar to what I am describing, but the difference is they do not have any part of the innocence that this kid has; they have the opposite, and that is malevolence. They are driven by the desire to have more, to feel more, to get more. Basically, their core emotion behind the behaviors is greed. They are in need of all that everything has to offer, but nothing fills them. Think about that for a moment. A child eventually outgrows their sensations; their ego comes under their control, and they know just because they want something, they can’t have it right in that moment, or just because something makes them feel happy does not necessarily mean they can have it all the time. For example, chocolate; it’s unhealthy. But a narcissist gets stuck in the sensational state. A narcissist gets stuck in that state, in that sensational state, and it becomes maladaptive. That’s why it’s said a narcissist is developmentally stuck. They are emotionally stunted, childlike beings who need constant stimulation. The emphasis is on the word ‘childlike’; they’re not children, they are childlike.

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