Why Does a Narcissist Stare at You When You Sleep


Imagine it’s 12:00 a.m. in the midnight, and you are sleeping in a very dark room. Suddenly, you’re woken up by a very strange sensation in your body; you feel like somebody’s staring at you. You open your eyes, look around, lo and behold, you notice the narcissist continuously looking at you like a predator. You’re startled immediately because you can’t make sense of what’s going on; you’re shocked. You ask them, “What’s wrong with you? What is this? I mean, why aren’t you asleep, and why are you looking at me like that?” No answer. They are making a video of the situation, or they take a photograph of you as if trying to make a fool out of you. I’m not sharing a plot from a horror movie; this is a real-life situation many survivors of narcissistic abuse go through. Staring at you when you are deep asleep is a common toxic behavior found among many narcissists, and there are multiple reasons behind why they do this. We are going to find out what these reasons are in today’s episode.

Behaviors which I have been covering recently in different episodes, today we are going to talk about why do they constantly stare at you when you are deep asleep or when you are doing something that has nothing to do with them, like eating, cleaning, talking to somebody, and there you go, the narcissist is either side-eyeing you and constantly looking, observing, noticing what you’re up to, or they’re staring directly at you as if trying to peek into your soul, as if trying to hijack your system.

Many survivors of narcissistic abuse have reported being woken up by a bizarre experience of watching their narcissistic partner, friend, or parent standing in front of them, staring while they were deep asleep. Upon asking why, why were you doing this, they got no answers, except a devilish grin that possibly explains it all. They, to this day, cannot fathom how their partner, parent, or friend could do such a thing to them because it’s not funny at all. It leaves them paralyzed and traumatized.

Number one, they are extremely sadistic.

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