5 Weird Picture Taking Habits of a Narcissist


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a narcissist’s picture, in particular, is worth a million words. Why is that, you may ask? Well, their pictures say it all; they show us the dark, deep, hidden aspects of their personalities. If you were to observe their photographs very closely, you would notice they’re fake to the core. They are disingenuous and inauthentic, and they force themselves to take pictures with those they do not actually like. They also create this aura of being very spiritual, charming, calm, connected, or hot, for that matter, to appeal to you. They are nothing but a bunch of BS, which is why in today’s episode we are going to talk about this in much more depth and detail.

1: They force themselves into your pictures.

In the early stages of the relationship, love bombing, or idealization, for what reason do they do this? To establish maximum control, send messages across that you are now their object, their toy that they are going to play with. They may be seen with a big, fat yet fake smile on their face, demonstrating happiness about entering your life parasitically. They would want your family to see you with them, they would force you to post them on your social media so that people step back and they can officially make a call, they can officially say he or she is mine. They do not trust people so it’s almost like saying, ‘I will only trust you if you post a picture with me on your social media.’ But the irony is that they never post your pictures on their social media to make it official. Why would they do that when not posting your pictures keeps all the doors open and makes it seem like they’re still single, ready to be mingled with, and they can take as much supply as possible? What makes their pictures clownish is how they quickly shift from being a very happy person when the picture is being taken to being a monster-like person with no emotions whatsoever the moment the camera is turned off. It does not make sense to you in the beginning, but you’re like, ‘Oh, maybe that’s how they are; maybe it’s normal.’ But it’s not. If you were to look at those pictures now—the pictures that were taken in the love bombing stage—I guarantee you will be able to feel that fakeness, that disingenuousness, that disconnection from you. You will feel that you never felt their presence, and you will be creeped out. You won’t understand why, but it will give you a very creepy feeling. Drop your experiences in the comments if you agree with me and if you have felt like that.

2: They would not want to be included in any of your pictures.

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