Why do Narcissists walk around naked?


Even though narcissistic individuals are extremely shame-avoidant, which means they don’t want to feel shame, they are also the most shameless people you will ever meet. That’s a huge contradiction, isn’t it? On one hand, a narcissist will go to great lengths to not feel any shame, but on the other, they will engage in shameless acts. The biggest proof of their shamelessness is lying to you so openly without any remorse, cheating on you, hiding stuff from you, gaslighting you into believing you are the problem, and so on. All of this requires one to be totally shameless.

Their shamelessness is manifested quite openly when they walk around in their house unclothed without caring about their children or their partner. And they don’t do it once or twice or by mistake; it’s not an accident. They do it on purpose. This is what I’m going to talk about in today’s episode because many survivors have experienced it, and so have I. If that is interesting and you want to learn more about this eccentric behavior of a narcissist, please make sure to subscribe before we begin. Because, as I always say and request, your subscription to the channel may help in spreading awareness about narcissistic abuse.

See, we all feel comfortable in our own space, in our homes, and sometimes we may walk around without wearing a lot of clothes, which is okay because we keep in mind the safety of ourselves and our children, those who live with us. We make sure it’s morally correct to do so. But when we are alone, that does not necessarily make you a narcissist. Therefore, we cannot say that just because somebody is walking naked in their own home automatically makes them a narcissist.

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