Why Do Narcissists Smell So Bad?


A lot of narcissists have a very distinct, pungent, foul, and deathlike smell that does not go away with showering, brushing their teeth, or washing their clothes multiple times. They can’t hide it by wearing the most expensive cologne either; it oozes out from every pore of their body. Now, this is not a universal thing; not every narcissist smells. Some of them smell great, and if you have dealt with that type of narcissist, fine.

From a spiritual perspective, a narcissist’s self contains chaos, a lot of toxic and negative energy—should I say demonic energy, because I use that term a lot. They make themselves readily available for all the bad stuff out there. Whether or not you believe in spirituality, entities, and demonic spirits does not matter. What matters is that they harbor resentment and anger. Aggression is their way of dealing with the world, and if somebody lives in that state continuously, what’s going to happen? Of course, they are going to physically manifest their inner rotting self. If hatred, jealousy, and enmity are what you experience all the time, and what you feel towards those who you meet and target, how would you not smell? In my opinion, it is their rotting soul, their rotting heart, and their rotting conscience that comes out through their mouth and through their body, which is why a lot of them smell bad. They can brush a thousand times a day and still their breath stinks. This is not about hygiene; some of them are really unhygienic. Those types are called cerebral narcissists, who are disconnected from their bodies. Somatic narcissists are the opposite. What I’m talking about is beyond hygiene; it’s just their general state of being. They seem to have no awareness of this smell; only you or those who experience them 24/7 or live very closely with them know what I’m talking about. They know this smell and just want to get rid of it. It’s on the pillows, the bedsheets, their clothes, and everything they touch.

Why Authenticity Makes Narcissists Squirm

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