Why All Narcissists Are Thieves?


As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, do you ever feel like you have been robbed of everything? By everything, I mean your money, your joy, your happiness, your stability, your relationships—everything that you had before meeting this rotten individual. I’m sure your answer would be a yes to that because that is what I have personally felt, and what a lot of survivors like you have told me.

Narcissists are thieves, burglars, and stealers who hit you like a storm, like a ton of bricks, who come in, find you resourceful, and then leave you resourceless. This is what we are going to talk about in today’s episode.

Back to the topic—narcissists are thieves! As well as figuratively. Literally, because they have zero conscience. If you are more resourceful than them, if you have money, if you have influence, or if you have something that they cannot have, something they can only dream of having, they will target you quite predatorily and try to hunt you down. First, they will try to take it away from you because they are entitled.

If you have worked hard all your life to build your career, to have the kind of money that you have, they won’t respect any of that. They won’t be grateful for anything you give them out of respect for your partnership with them. No, they will jump in and, out of their unlimited greed, try to steal away every single penny from you. This is a part of the bigger betrayal because they can force you to change everything—transfer money, put your properties, your assets in their name. And you may quite lovingly give them all that, thinking and believing that this is your own partner, this is the person you should trust. So, how does it matter if I have it, he has it, or she has it? It’s the same thing. But their intentions are not that pure; they steal everything slowly but steadily and wait for a day to come when they can say goodbye and discard you like you didn’t matter. And that leaves you feeling like a fool, like a stupid, and worse than that—how could I do it to myself? I had a name, I had a reputation, I had earned a lot of money, I had so many assets. I mean, I had built my career, and this man, this woman came in and destroyed it all. How did I let it happen? Well, you did not let it happen because it’s not something that you did to yourself consciously. This person won your trust and got you entangled with their life through trauma bonding, through intermittent reinforcement. They controlled your brain through brainwashing, manipulation, and chronic gaslighting. You lost control without knowing you were losing it, and then that is how they abused you inside out. They do the same thing to your relationships. They come in and pretend to be really happy about all the relationships you have with your friends, with your family. But then slowly, slowly, they penetrate into those relationships, induce cracks that were not there before, turn them against you, or turn you against them by convincing you that the narcissist is the only person you can ever trust.

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