When The Narcissist Reveals Their Fears


Narcissists make a lot of bold statements to deceive, hurt, and manipulate people. Their statements are usually nothing but lies, but if they are believed, they can have the most profound, even damaging effects. And there are things narcissists say in desperation to try and keep us around when they realize that they are losing us.

These statements can cause us to doubt ourselves, confuse us and, if believed, keep us under the narcissist’s control. But if you really understood what the narcissist is saying when they make these statements, you would realize that they are only projecting their fears and insecurities onto you. If taken at face value, they can break you, but if you realize and accept that they are only projecting, then you are at an advantage and the narcissist will not be able to diminish your self-worth.

7 Things to Expect When the Narcissist Knows You Have Figured Them Out

I am going to be looking at a few statements narcissists make to affect your self-esteem; make you doubt yourself and even stay with them. They can make these statements casually, sometimes for no reason at all, but especially when you are on the brink of discarding them, where they will make certain statements such as You will never make it without me. You will never find anyone like me. No one else will love you or want you. But these statements expose the narcissist’s fears. They are the ones who need you. They are the ones who worry that they will not find someone else. They are the ones who fear that no one else will love them or want them the way you once did.

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