When The Narcissist Provokes You?


Narcissists want people to believe that they are innocent victims. They want people to believe that they have done nothing wrong and that others are unnecessarily mean and abusive towards them. But it is because narcissists never tell the truth. So, for those instances when someone does lash out at the narcissist, you better believe it is in response to the narcissist’s abuse and manipulations. It is what is referred to as “reactive abuse.” To put it simply, it is when the true victim lashes out at their abuser. And when it comes to narcissists, actively try to drive their victims to this point. It would almost seem that the narcissist wants you to abuse them. But why? What’s in it for the narcissist?

Today we are going to be looking at when the narcissist provokes you. A few examples of how they do this are by giving us silent treatment or crossing our boundaries by intentionally doing or saying something that they know we wouldn’t be pleased about. They may also become very argumentative and petty. They may triangulate you or do things to make you feel jealous, or they may make fun of you and try to belittle you. Basically, a narcissist is willing to do whatever they can to get a negative reaction out of you. They want to make you angry, insecure, sad, and even downright aggressive. And many times, they are careful to do things that can be easily misconstrued or explained away as a misunderstanding.

Narcissists can be very crafty, and they are careful to do and say just enough without blatantly incriminating themselves. This is crazy-making at its best and the narcissist knows exactly what they are doing. Then there are those narcissists who are outright verbally and physically abusive. They behave as if they are picking a fight. They would say and do the most insulting things, hoping you would respond in kind. They do want you to curse them out when they do it to you, and they do want you to fight back as well.

the saddest truth about being the victim of narcissistic abuse?

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