What to Expect When the Narcissist KNOWS You’re onto Them


Today we are talking about the top 10 things that will usually happen when the narcissist or sociopath starts to figure out that we are onto who they really are and the games they have been playing. Let me first preface this by saying you need to be incredibly cautious during this time period because these people fear nothing more in this world than public exposure. That means they can and will go to great lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen. These people all have the potential for becoming dangerous, and nothing should take precedence over your safety and the safety of your children and loved ones.

The first thing a victim can expect is tons of gaslighting and love bombing combos. They will definitely switch their cycle to love bombing and being as loving and charming as they were when you first met. If you start asking concerning questions that would lead to exposure or holding them accountable for something they are responsible for, they will drown you in gaslighting. They may say it wasn’t me, that’s not the way it happened, so-and-so was responsible for that event, you’re remembering it wrong, etc. But you can be guaranteed they will love bomb and gaslight you in an effort to get you to disregard any new discoveries or concerns you might have.

Next, if the gaslighting and love bombing don’t work and you haven’t snapped out of it, what will usually come next is guilt-tripping and a big, huge pity party. They will behave as if they are so hurt that you would think these things or pull away from them. They haven’t done anything wrong, and it’s not fair that you are putting them in this position. They will bring up every single good thing they have ever done in the relationship and try to make you feel ungrateful. On top of that, they will likely throw in some pity narratives, mentioning what a difficult childhood they had or how hard their job is and how overworked they are. Basically, the message will be that all of this is in your imagination and that you are cruel and totally take them for granted.

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