What stopped you from killing yourself that night?


I was sitting at my desk, writing a note with tears streaming down my face, a bottle of pills ominously sitting next to me. My heart was heavy, and I felt completely lost. Suddenly, I felt a gentle nudge at my leg. I looked down to see my dog gazing up at me, his eyes filled with worry and concern. His presence was both comforting and heartbreaking, as if he sensed the turmoil I was going through. Despite his silent plea for attention, I couldn’t bear to look at him. I needed to be alone, so I gently coaxed him into his cage, where he usually felt safe and secure.

After locking the cage, I turned away and went back to my desk, ready to continue my somber task. Just as I sat down, a sound shattered the heavy silence in the room. My dog, who had never howled in his life, let out a heart-wrenching howl. It was so unexpected and filled with such raw emotion that it shocked me to my core. He loved his cage, often relaxing in there with his favorite toys, but now he was crying out in distress.

Panicked, I rushed over to calm him down, but his howling only grew louder and more desperate. My attempts to soothe him were in vain. The sound pierced through my sadness, stirring something deep within me. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and opened the cage. To my astonishment, he leaped out and into my arms with such force that I stumbled backward. He covered my face with kisses, his warm body pressed against mine as he nestled into my neck.

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