Weird Mannerisms of People Abused By Narcissists


Have you ever noticed those odd habits some people abused by narcissists have? Let’s peek into the lives of these narcissistic abuse victims. Abuse leaves marks not just on the surface but also in their daily routines. At first, these habits might seem strange, but they have underlying stories behind them. Here are 10 weird habits you might spot in these individuals.

Second Guessing What Other People Say

Narcissistic abuse victims tend to doubt what others say. For instance, if they’re in a relationship and their partner says something sweet, instead of taking it at face value, they might wonder, “Are they serious or trying to trick me?” This habit forms because they’ve been manipulated or criticized a lot before. Psychologists say it’s like a defense mechanism kicking in to protect them from getting hurt again. Victims of narcissistic abuse get super sensitive to possible manipulation, so even simple stuff gets questioned, making it hard for them to believe others without doubting their motives.

Displaying Poker Faces at Social Gatherings

When people go through narcissistic abuse, they often put on poker faces in social settings. It’s like wearing a mask to hide what they’re feeling inside. This happens because they’ve been through emotional manipulation and criticism, so they might need to hide their emotions around others. They do not want to show vulnerability or hint at what’s happening inside. Psychologists suggest that this behavior is a survival mechanism to protect oneself from further emotional harm. Victims learn to guard their emotions as a defense mechanism to avoid being hurt again.

Overcleaning Their Surroundings

The Progressive Deterioration of the Narcissist

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