Two Things Narcissist Does Out of Their Jealousy & Envy


A narcissist may not have the capacity to love you unconditionally, but they do have the capability to hate you passionately, with a purpose. Why? Because they can’t become you. They know you are a shining guiding light that attracts people naturally, which they cannot steal away. This is why they become so jealous and envious of you. It is their jealousy that drives them to copy you, to mirror you, to destroy your credibility, to isolate you from others, and to make you think you are worth nothing. It is their animosity that makes them leave you when you need them the most and treat you horribly without any empathy whatsoever.

They’ll Destroy What They Can’t Have

A narcissist cannot have what they cannot steal away; what they cannot have, they will destroy. They think you do not deserve to have it either because they can’t make it their own. This is their destructive mentality; this is how they function. So when they become jealous of you, they express that jealousy through envy. When we talk about envy, we’re talking about evil because jealousy is something that all humans experience. However, a narcissist’s jealousy crosses all levels—they become extremely punitive, vengeful, and destructive, manifesting that jealousy into their envy.

1. They Mirror You

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