This Triggers The Narcissist To Come Back


Today I will be talking about some things that can motivate a Narcissist to return. But it is important to note that whether you discarded the Narcissist, or they discarded you once you eventually decide that No Contact is the best approach it is highly recommended to keep it that way. Allowing a Narcissist back into your life just means more lies, more drama, more manipulation, more pain. But sometimes despite our best efforts, the Narcissist manages to track us down. Or suddenly, even though it was them who discarded us and ran off into the horizon with their new supply now they are interested in us again. But why? What could have happened for the Narcissist to be hoovering you? Is it something you did?

Well, in some cases, yes. There are things you can do, knowingly or unknowingly that can send an alarm bell out to the Narcissist and that will be their signal to try and get back in. So, today I have 4 main reasons why a Narcissist will be itching to come back but only if you let them. Because the power is in your hands whether you allow them back into your life or not. They can hoover as much as they like but the choice is yours.

How A Narcissist Devalues You In A Relationship

The first reason why a Narcissist will hoover an old supply is if they miss something about that person. The Narcissist may have come to realise that you have something that others cannot give to them so they will try to work themselves back into your circle. When it comes to romantic relationships the Narcissist will try and reconnect even if they are still with their new supply. Because when it comes to Narcissists it is all about having as many sources as they can. And they hate letting go completely of any supply. Therefore, the Narcissist loves to keep their exes on standby. They also like to cheat on their current partners with their exes and in some cases end up leaving that new supply to go back with an ex. Just don’t let that ex be you. Because they will find another supply and discard you again and the cycle will continue as long as you allow it.

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