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No matter what happens, never go to your narcissistic husband’s mother for support. She will never understand your situation because she is his biggest ally, an enabler who sees no faults in his character. She is a friend to him who will never betray him; instead, she will blame you. She will find faults in your actions and gaslight you into thinking that you are somehow traumatizing and victimizing her poor little baby son. She will tell you to improve yourself to make her son’s life easier because, in her head, he already has it difficult. She sees herself and her son as the biggest victims ever.

Never go to Narcissist’s mother for support

A lot of traumatized survivors go to the narcissist’s family seeking support, hoping that they will be understood, that his sisters (I’m talking about a male narcissist here) or his mother or anybody else in the family will wake him up, make him understand that he is doing something wrong, that he is not supposed to act or behave this way, and consequently, he will become a better person.

But what ends up happening can only be described as a nightmare because this narcissistic hive collectively abuses the survivor. They blindly enable his actions because he is the golden child; mostly, he is the one who can do nothing wrong. If there is anything wrong, it must be caused by somebody else in the situation.

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