The Biggest Sign of FINAL Narcissistic Discard | They’re not coming back


Every narcissistic relationship is recognized by the hot and cold pattern of cycles of breakup and patch-up. A narcissist will leave you one day, but the next day they will hoover you and try to regain control. They will leave you and abandon you so that you chase them. There is constant inconsistency, a predictable unpredictability, meaning you can tell what’s going to happen next. They discard you multiple times before finally discarding you and never looking back. So, how can we tell the difference? How can you know that this time it’s the final discard and they’re never going to come back?

The 3 Stages

All narcissistic relationships go through three stages in different ways. The first stage is idealization or love bombing, when the narcissist puts you on a pedestal. The second stage is devaluation, when they bring you down, tear you apart, and turn you into a shell of your former self. The final stage is when they have nothing more to extract or when they feel they’re done and need to chase novelty. This is the crux of a narcissistic relationship. In between, they leave you many times, making you think and believe that they’re done and they’re never going to come back. But then they play mind games and hoover their way back into your life. They make you chase them so that they can feel important, and that is how the game drains the soul.

The Biggest Sign of Final Discard

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