Scary End of a Narcissist’s Life | 5 Disturbing Truths


Narcissism is like the rabies virus. When it enters your body, it doesn’t show any initial signs or symptoms, and you have some time, an incubation period, for it to grow, for it to reach your central nervous system. But once it hits you, once it enters your brain, you’re gone. Similarly, a narcissist gets all the time to do the crap they do to other people, but when they get old, their narcissistic defenses grow weaker, and they become the worst version of themselves. It’s not only that; they also suffer in so many ways.

Number one: They end up lonely, struggling, stuck, and suffering.

They rob people of peace all their life. Why would they have any peace towards their end? They want people to cater to their needs, but nobody is willing to put up with a cranky man or woman. They do not mellow down; they become the worst version, as I said in the beginning, but that leads to absolute isolation and loneliness. Even the medical caretakers are fed up with this person, and everybody wishes for them to die, to pass away. I have witnessed it with my malignant narcissistic grandfather who made the lives of every single person miserable, and almost every child of his, including his wife, prayed for his death. Their insecurities become more evident, the weakness they have always tried to contain through their narcissistic defenses now can be seen by everybody, which is why you might see the narcissist crying about the old times, talking about all the great and amazing things they used to be known for, which is how they gain supply because at this age when they’re so fragile and frail, they cannot get supply in any way. They can only pretend to be a victim, which is how they get everybody to cry for them. But now, it doesn’t work as they become this crazier, more delusional, more paranoid version of themselves. Nobody wants to put up with that. So what do they do? They will regress to more like a childlike state who will try to hold on to anything they can get a hold of.

Early Warning Signs that the Narcissist Wishes To Return

Number two: They become filled with hatred and contempt towards others.

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