Proof Narcissist Knows What They are Doing


Most experts on narcissism will tell you that narcissists have zero self-control and are very impulsive. But what if I tell you that’s not entirely true? Narcissists can and do display some kind of self-control when they are in situations where they cannot be their true selves. For example, when they are in public and cannot be openly abusive, What if I tell you that they do have agency but choose not to use it when they are dealing with you in private?

1. When they’re out there having social encounters and doing stuff like shopping, there is a huge possibility for them to have social encounters and fool people into thinking that they’re a nice person. Let’s say you’re in a shopping mall and the person standing in front of you is having some problems with their payment method. Their debit or credit card is constantly getting declined. The narcissist who is with you, being an opportunist, steps in to save the day and become the hero. “Oh, it’s not a big deal. You don’t have to panic. Let me take care of it. I’ll pay it off, and you can pay me back later.” And that’s what they do. The same narcissist who belittles you and shames you for getting basic stuff like shampoo, who doesn’t like to spend money on you, who’s a monster in private to you, is now saving other people. How bizarre! This change in behavior tells us one thing: they know how to treat people kindly, but they don’t want to. If they’re so traumatic, where is their trauma gone in that moment? If it is a mental disorder, where is that disorder gone? If you have schizophrenia, you will have hallucinations all the time, no matter where you are, regardless of anything. You will constantly be in a state of suffering. But why is that not applicable to a narcissist who keeps shape-shifting depending on who they are interacting with? Why exert the same type of self-control that you always expect them to when they treat you so horribly? Why not with you, but with others?

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