Narcissists NEVER Do These Things


Today we are going to talk about some of the things that narcissists never do. These are actions that normal people would not have a problem with, but narcissists will not do. I will tell you what these things are and why narcissists never do them.

Today, we’re discussing specific things that narcissists never do and why they won’t do them. Usually, we try to learn about the things they do or behaviors they exhibit to detect them early on. However, you can also use things they do not do to detect these people. The first thing is that they will never give compliments. If you think they have given you a compliment, take a closer look at why they may have given you that compliment. You will find that the compliment is used to benefit them in some way. They do not give sincere compliments because they do not want other people to feel confident and secure. So, they withhold giving genuine compliments. Another reason they do this is that they do not want anyone’s focus to be on you when you are in their presence. So, they withhold giving you compliments while, at the same time, bragging and basically complimenting themselves.

Next, they won’t apologize. Have you ever noticed that they do not apologize, even if you catch them red-handed doing something terrible where the evidence is crystal clear that you are owed an apology at the very least? But they will not give you one. They absolutely refuse to apologize because giving you any sort of apology would mean accepting accountability. They would rather die than accept any accountability. On top of that, not only will they not apologize, but they will usually manipulate the narrative into blaming you for what they did. I’m not joking either, and it’s mind-blowing how many times this actually works. Usually, we believe this person is like us, and we know that we would never do something terrible and then blame it on someone else. So, unfortunately, because of this, we entertain the idea that this rewritten version of reality must be true.

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