Narcissists and Their Phone (10 Evil Things Narcissists Will Do To You Using Their Phones)


Have you ever seen smartphones as personal mirrors reflecting traits and actions? Now add narcissism to the mix. Get ready to expose how such narcissists use smartphones to spread manipulation and toxicity.”

Social media spying:

Dr. Romani Durvasola, an expert on narcissism, says that narcissists are all about this social media stalking game. They can’t resist checking out your posts, photos, and how you interact with others. And guess what? Narcissists have their game plan too. They strategically use their profiles to make themselves seem desirable or like they’re living an enviable life. Dr. Lisa Jordan, a psychiatrist, said, “Hold up, people! Narcissists are not just passively scrolling through your feed for entertainment; they’re doing it to feel like they’re in control. They’re trying to keep this invisible leash on you by knowing all these details about your life that you haven’t even told them about. Sneaky, right?” Two GPS tracking games: Narcissists could use those location-sharing apps to track your whereabouts. They want to be in control all the time, and this control makes them feel powerful. You know that feeling when you’re playing a game where you’re in charge? It’s like that for them, but instead of a game, it’s your life they’re tracking. It can mess with your sense of privacy. Imagine if you couldn’t even go out with friends without them knowing exactly where you were. They’re invading your personal space. This invasion of privacy can make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, always worried about what they might think or do.

Technology-Enabled Manipulation:

Dr. Durvasola emphasizes how narcissists can manipulate you through technology by exploiting insecurities, fear, and a desire for validation. They may use apps, messages, and social media as tools to gain leverage in the relationship. Everyone has little insecurities, fears, and that nagging need for validation. Well, narcissists are like experts at finding these emotional buttons and then pushing them all, thanks to their phones. They might drop a comment that makes you doubt yourself or play on your fears, getting under your skin without even being in the same room. It’s like they’re manipulating you from miles away. Experts believe they do this because it’s all about control. Narcissists thrive on feeling powerful and having the upper hand. By using technology to mess with your emotions, they’re asserting their dominance in the relationship without even having to face you directly.

8 Ways Narcissists Spy On You

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