Narcissists and Paranormal Activities


Call me crazy or superstitious for this one, but I’m going to talk about narcissists and paranormal activity in today’s episode. Narcissists bring a lot of toxic, heavy, negative, dense, and evil energy into the environments they become a part of, influencing the energetic field so much so that scary things start to happen. What things?

Number One: Electronic Devices Malfunction

Electronic devices start to malfunction. Lights flicker and go out in certain parts of the house. You call someone to fix it, but they say everything looks fine. “I don’t understand what’s going on. The wires are intact and so is the connection. This should be a temporary fault which will go away on its own,” they say, and you’re left dumbfounded. You don’t know what to do because the problem persists and lights keep flickering. There’s a dense energy around the house, which is overbearing. You can’t stand it; it’s like your body wants to reject it, to get out of it. It’s a bodily experience. Those who know, know what I’m talking about. If you have experienced something like this, drop your experiences and what you remember in the comments below and validate others.

This is not something that I know only from my own experience; I have heard it from many people in different ways, but the pattern remains the same. Electronic devices start malfunctioning. For example, when a narcissist enters the room, the TV starts flickering, or you are working on your phone, and it goes out. Sometimes these devices also catch fire, spreading smoke. There may not be any scientific reason for this, and that’s okay. We can only understand it if we consider the spiritual aspect of narcissistic abuse, which is not for everyone. If you are someone who only wants to stay with science, that’s fine. You need to understand the psychology behind it and the devastating impact their abuse has on its survivors. However, the spiritual aspect, the demonic aspect, the evil aspect, the energetic aspect, is as real as the scientific aspect, in my opinion.

Number Two: Feeling Watched

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