Is All Narcissistic Supply The Same For The Narcissist?


Narcissists live for their narcissistic supply, and the supply they get can vary from person to person in the amount and type of supply, meaning whether it is the dark or positive supply. The positive supply is usually a result of their fake image and persona.

So, that would include receiving money, attention, gifts, compliments, praise, etc. Whereas their preferred source of supply, which I refer to as “Dark Supply,” is what they get from manipulating and hurting others. At the end of the day, narcissists want both forms of narcissistic supply. And the quality and quantity of supply a narcissist gets from one individual to the next can affect how the narcissist treats that individual.

But some people are led to believe that the narcissist views all their supplies the same. And that’s because they have so many supplies to choose from, if one leaves them, they will just move on to the next one. So, these people have concluded that the idea of a narcissist valuing one source of supply over another is simply not true.

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